Department of Multimedia Design 
National Taichung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

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Educational Objectives

The Department of Multimedia Design was established in 2002 to focus on the development of students' essential knowledge for a career as a designer. For undergraduate students, the academic training includes courses about design skill, information technology, language (English in particular), logic and reasoning, media utilization and graduation-project. The graduation-project is a compulsory integration course and, by forming teams, students are encouraged to cooperate with each other and find topics from industry. Students could gain valuable practical experiences through this course. And with the involvement in project development, students can retrospect their design and technological abilities before graduation. For the graduate school, students are required to do research based on integrating their knowledge, and to engage in multimedia research subjects stressing either on technological application or on design. In the future, we will link up the industrial requirements to create contents with international market potential, such as learning Chinese as Second Language and the cultural and innovative initiative actively promoted by our government.

Characteristics of Academic Development

Network Service and Learning Contents

By the intertwining process of teaching and projects, students are expected to establish multimedia design knowledge, such as creative visual design, user interface design, database integrated with multimedia network system. The cooperation with industries gives students the chances of accessing real situation. For example, the topic on network system applications would probably cover E-commerce, E-learning, media services, website design and so on. Recently, we focus on a more systematic process, like the integration of various subjects with our knowledge on creativity content design, multimedia streaming and virtual reality technology, to develop new-generation learning contents.

Mobile Contents

We are in the process of enhancing our courses about wireless and mobile communication technology. By integrating communication and usability design technology, various research projects will be implemented by creating mobile games, health care applications, and mobile TV applications.

Interactive Media

The interactive media can enrich people's life, study and work. It is usually created by integrating image recognition, man-machine interface design, and 2D/3D animation technologies which are highlighted in our courses. By cooperating with public and private enterprises we will accumulate resources and establish the competency in this field.

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